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Collection of notes regarding my way to design and be a designer.

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Design, colors and wineries

In this post I want to share with you the design traits of the wineries I visited in Italy and in Usa. Guided by my designer view I have pinned colors, materials and pieces of furniture, tracing the unique winery design style. 

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LITTLE WORLD - Table setting design board

In “Little world” table setting I have intentionally selected characters ⁣(products), apparently speaking different languages, to show the contemporary, minimal approach to eclecticism. ⁣

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DESIGN BOUTIQUE - Office design board

Offices are not conceived anymore as just a space to work. I have selected some elements that would change the regular idea of office into an informal but sophisticated “boutique” atmosphere.

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CHILDHOOD DREAM - Kitchen design board

Usually a child wants to be adult because of his/her curiosity and faith in a more powerful world. Today I want to recall that dream, that inner voice, in a concept board that connects past to present time.

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