DESIGN BOUTIQUE - Office design board

Offices are not conceived anymore as just a space to work. In the following design board I have selected some elements that would change the regular idea of office into an informal but sophisticated “boutique” atmosphere, which represents my personal vision of design. ⁣

00_Design boutiquejpg

09_Design boutiquejpg

> ”Presto” marble tile design by @Gregnatale produced by @Teranovatiles
> ”Dance Floor Mirage” carpet design by @studio_ggsv produced by @gufram

I have been thinking so much why pieces of different culture are important in our interiors. Beside the fact that they can be memories from travels or may recall a personal story, I think that they are a sign of our belonging to the huge world. They break the routine of our life and make us alive.⁣

08_Design boutiquejpg

> ”Tancoyol” coffee table design by Perla Castañón @pecasflo produced by @Taller.luum
> PANTONE 2476 C wall color⁣

Especially in formal spaces, armchairs are mostly seen as a sign of keeping the distance, but if you consider the exclusive comfort that you offer to your guests, I think is the best welcome gift they would receive. ⁣

07_Design boutiquejpg

> “Womb chair medium” design by Eero Saarinen produced by @knollinc
> PANTONE 427 U wall color⁣

Around the globe and for every culture, rug has always its special value. Characterized for its mysticism, in contemporary living rooms seems to support the ceremony of the nearby objects that exists with or without people. ⁣

06_Design boutiquejpg

>”Presto” marble tile design by @Gregnatale produced by @Teranovatiles⁣⁣
>”Dance Floor Mirage” carpet design by @studio_ggsv produced by @gufram

Design contaminations are a wonderful key to renovate a product typology. It makes people more curious regarding the project and eventually the product gets a stronger personality. ⁣

05_Design boutiquejpg

> ”Canvas Chair” design by @stoftstudio
> PANTONE 2476 C wall color⁣⁣

The great value of round tables is in the inclusivity that just equality can give. ⁣

04_Design boutiquejpg
> ”Bone” Dining Table design by @Loicbard sold
> PANTONE 2476 C wall color⁣

While we speak a lot of digitalization we figure out that we cannot live without physical books. ⁣

03_Design boutiquejpg

> “Landry” bookcase design by @eggcollective ⁣
> “Bash” vessel design by @tomdixonstudio
> PANTONE 427 U wall color⁣

My commitment is to provide culture through customized spatial experiences. ⁣

02_Design boutiquejpg

> “Landry” bookcase design by @eggcollective ⁣

Every single product I choose is a gift for mind and senses. ⁣

01_Design boutiquejpg

> “Ida” pendant lamp design by @FarrahSit sold