A career of passion, method and practice.


Influenced by art history, hand drawing and painting my way to design is a curious balance of imagination and pragmatism. May talk about my technical method the Bachelor degree in Industrial Design at Florence University and the Master’s degree in Industrial Design at Milan Polytechnic.
Another achievement is the certificate in "Architectural Imagination" earned from Harvard University Graduate School of Design through which I improved my knowledge in the very meaning of architecture.

Mine is a career of passion, method and practice. My work aims to establish experiential relations between people and products through the environments they build.

Behind the realization of complex interiors around the world or maybe just the definition of a particular design strategy, there is a real mission in my mind: improving the experience of people with products.

Whether on digital platforms or in real environments, my sensibility, creativity and indeed true curiosity are the keys in my design.

From 2010 I have worked for 7 years as Global showroom interior designer / Project manager for Cassina furniture industry. For several retails around the world I usefully partitioned the space, selected interior finishes, furniture, technical and decorative lighting, rugs and visual accessories. I have cared the entire design process from the early survey of the building till the installation of furniture, including the renovation of the architecture when required and the coordination of international teams.  

In several years' experience I have been improving my background of industrial designer adding architectural knowledge and project management skills, but what makes my method unique is the high consideration of people, their very unique cultures and each one habits.

Behind the core project of interior design I have cared the image of a 90years established brand through its atmospheres in different Countries.

My expansion program has started in 2015 as I opened services as interior designer, showroom specialist and brand style curator to a wide range of international companies as well as to young brands and giving consultancy to other design studios. I have cared projects nationally and internationally like from and to Italy, all around Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China and I am always ready to take the next step to other Countries! 


My passion for cultural researches flourished while studying the Master's degree thesis. It was clear for me that in the contemporary society, behind the authors of physical products, designers should be cultural, strategical and critical professionals for customized environments.  This point is embedded in my method and reflected in all my projects: running between usefulness and symbolic meanings, between what people can touch and what people can feel.