A career of passion, method and practice.


Influenced by art history, hand drawing and painting my way to design is a curious balance of imagination and pragmatism. With services dedicated to brands, organizations and individuals, my works aim to improve the experiential relation with products and spaces. Whether for digital or real environments, my creativity always provides exclusive designs that perfectly fit people needs.


In several years of experience I have made many different projects, but what makes my method unique is the high consideration of people during the whole design process, with their specific needs and culture. My projects runs in fact between usefulness and immaterial values, between what people can touch and what people can feel.

From 2010 I worked for 7 years as Global showroom interior designer / Project manager for Cassina furniture industry, caring the entire design process from the early survey of the location till the complete installation of the new layout.

My expansion program has started in 2015 when I decided to extend my design services to a wide range of clients, all around Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, and I am always ready to take the next step in more Countries.

The BA in Industrial Design at the University of Florence (IT), the MA in Industrial Design at Milan Polytechnic, and the post-graduate course in "Architectural Imagination" at Harvard University Graduate School of Design demonstrate my deep passion for design knowledge. 


Tokyo Aoyama Design Forum

Origami-Inspired Design: Unraveling Creative Possibilities

In the article by Nadder Sammouri for Tokyo Aoyama Design Forum my experience with paper folding applied to product design.
Gif with "Film" tiles conceived as stacked paper sheets to leaf through in a mental game.

February 17, 2024