If you are looking for a unique design,
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Furniture, lighting and accessories design for bespoke and serial productions




Product design

- Research

- Moodboard
- Sketches
- Concept
- Mock-up
- 2d/3d/rendering
- Materials selection
- Creative direction
- Project development

Interior design

- Area survey

- Moodboard, creative concept, sketches
- Selection or bespoke design of furniture, finishes, lighting, accessories, greenery, decorations

- Space partitioning, spatial layout

- 2d/3d/rendering

- Project development, installation


Graphic design

- Logo, business card, letterhead
- Flyer, poster, folder, catalogue 

- Label, packaging

- Shop sign, window graphics

- Social media layout, banner, gif

- Shooting set
- Creative campaign
- Branding book