Social media visual design

Graphic layouts for social media, bespoke backgrounds, calligraphy/typewriting, product selection. 

In collaboration with Alida Grimaldi


La vie, ma vie en rose

Graphic layout dedicated to “optimistic life”, “rose-colored life”, “La vie en rose”. 

Total white

Graphic layout dedicated to the power of white in contemporary interior design. 

Magna Grecia

Graphic layout dedicated to our homeland in the South of Italy, founded by ancient Greeks: Magna Grecia.

Space Atmosphere

Graphic layout dedicated to the concept of space, of distance.

Earth Atmosphere

Earth with its primitive elements of soil and water is imagined in relation with design products.

All lives matter

We join the memory of George Floyd and the many killed, mocked, raped, abused due to racism.

Bauhaus 100th

Contemporary pieces to translate and update the Bauhaus lesson.