SUMMER BREEZE - Living room design board

My interior design projects are growing with a brand new digital format where I narrate the relations between products and people through the environments they build. 

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This interior design board is dedicated to "Summer Breeze", the sensation of crisp air in warm weather, the moment when opposites are equally appreciated. I wanted to recall that feeling through selected materials, patterns, colors, shapes. 

Summer breeze_00jpg

Summer breeze_09jpg

> “Disused” coffee table designed by @Supaform
> “Galeata” round fabric pouf design by @Maddalena_Casadei produced by @Paolazanibrand
> “Paola” blue avio pendant produced by @Nasonmoretti, @Hectorfinchlighting product⁣
> “Accursio” Coffee table designed by @antoninosciortino_artwork produced by @lacividina
> PANTONE 7534 C wall color⁣

My approach to interiors is focused to analyse every single piece, through its original concept, its design and its material. This is how I managed 10 years of excellent interior projects: from the industrial design point of view! ⁣

Summer breeze_08jpg

> “Retreat” Sofa System by @Monicaforsterdesignstudio for @Fogiacollection
> “Galeata” round fabric pouf design by @Maddalena_Casadei produced by @Paolazanibrand⁣⁣
> PANTONE 7534 C wall color⁣

Design icons have that touch of wonder normally belonged to pieces of art. I professionally grew up with icons and I can tell their vibe makes everything around deeply precious, unique, unforgettable. ⁣ 

Summer breeze_07jpg
> “Fauteuil de salon” design by Jean Prouvé produced by @Vitra
> “Retreat” Sofa System by @Monicaforsterdesignstudio for @Fogiacollection⁣⁣
> PANTONE 4257 C wall color⁣

Design can speak more than thousand words and it can involve even those people who know little about it. ⁣
Summer breeze_06jpg

> “Booleanos” cabinet design by @joelescalonastudio produced by ⁣@mx.nono
> “Allegro” tiles model from Opus collection design by ⁣@raffaellogaliotto for @lithosdesign

A good design consists in having options and combinations, since everyone has a different approach to products. ⁣
Summer breeze_05jpg

> “Sputnik-5” coffee table designed by @Supaform
> PANTONE 3526 C wall color⁣

Changing even one color, one pattern or one shape will be enough to turn completely the experience with a furniture set. ⁣
Summer breeze_04jpg

> “Galeata” round fabric pouf design by @Maddalena_Casadei produced by @Paolazanibrand⁣⁣⁣
> PANTONE 4257 C wall color⁣⁣

The designer switched his/her role from a mere planner of products/environments to a mediator between products/environments and people. Since the world became more and more complex and demanding roles like mine are fundamental to make possible certain kind of interactions.⁣

Summer breeze_03jpg
> “Booleanos” chest of drawers design by @joelescalonastudio produced ⁣by @mx.nono
> “Retreat” Sofa System ⁣by @Monicaforsterdesignstudio for @Fogiacollection

In interiors, every small thing influences the global experience with all pieces, even what is beneath our feet. ⁣

Summer breeze_02jpg

> “Mikado” tiles model from Opus collection design by ⁣@raffaellogaliotto for @lithosdesign
> “Retreat” Sofa System ⁣⁣by @Monicaforsterdesignstudio for @Fogiacollection

Treating every corner as a small set is like framing a moment which is static and dynamic at the same time. ⁣

Summer breeze_01jpg

> “Paola” pendant produced ⁣by @Nasonmoretti . @Hectorfinchlighting product⁣
> “Accursio” Coffee table designed ⁣by @antoninosciortino_artwork produced by @lacividina
> “Fauteuil de salon” design by Jean Prouvé produced by @Vitra
> PANTONE 7534 C wall color⁣