Design, colors and wineries

It has been a while that I like to have wine tasting directly from wine producers. During the sessions that often include a tour in all the winery spaces, I could recognize that there is a unique design style well fitting the wineries atmospheres.

In this post I want to share with you the design traits of the wineries I have visited in Italy and in Usa. Guided by my designer view I have pinned colors, materials and pieces of furniture, composing later on three variations of the winery design style. 

00 Wineries coverjpg

First of all I have observed a strong sense of history rooted in the winery background and in their owners. The time factor, which lives first in the process of wine making, involves also winery as whole, including architecture, furniture and their materials.  

There is furthermore another factor that characterizes the design of wineries: a wave of countryside style flows from patios to cellars, from waiting to tasting rooms, with furniture pieces mostly made by local artisans and representing the spirit of the winery. 

With all these collected notes I have started studying some winery moodboards, providing a precious framework to whom is approccing to the winery world. Let's dive now into the wineries moodboards and then we will discover the original locations!


00 Winery moodboard 01jpg

00 Winery moodboard 02jpg

00 Winery moodboard 03jpg

Bridgehampton NEW YORK

It was almost the sunset when I reached Channing Daughters on my way back from Monteauk.  I remember that the wineyard in front of the building appeared like an authentic autumn postcard. The green of the meadow impressed me a lot for its vital strength, and from this color I have been started composing the palette with the wineries colors.

09a Channing daughters NYjpg
From Channing Daughters I remember also the outdoor architectural materials, like the rain - washed wooden shingles of the façade and the terracotta brick of the entrance floor.

09b Channing daughters NYjpg

090 Channing daughters NY materials coverjpg

Montefalco PERUGIA

How can I forget the ceiling of Antonelli San Marco! A whole ceiling made by randomly positioned wine corks that brings an artistic touch to the whole winery.

08a Antonelli MONTEFALCOjpg

In the tasting room there are some old pieces, like a free standing fountain and clay field tiles, used as decoration. These pieces are used in combination with contemporary elements, like a honey oak shelf with a saw-cutting effect on the surface and the curtains made on fresh pale green fabric.  

080 Antonelli MONTEFALCO long coverjpg

Cortefranca BRESCIA

Berlucchi is a piece of history in the sector of the Italian spumanti and this importance is remarked in every single corner of the winery. 

07a Berlucchi Cortefrancajpg

The lounge has a number of armchairs organized in sets to host different groups of people. The amount of dark brown over the other colors shows the relevant history of the palace and the wanting to preserve it. The chandeliers with suspended lights decorate both the lounge and the tasting room, where guests are served on high bar tables of contemporary industrial style.    

070 Berlucchi Cortefranca coverjpg

Products that recall the winery style:
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Bosco de' Medici is a piece of paradise surrounded by the nature, literally few steps far from the archaeological site of Pompeii. Here they preserve the traditions of wine and food making related to this land since the Roman age, of course in contemporary way. 

06a Bosco de Medici Pompeijpg

During the summer we had the worthy experience of a wine tasting under the outdoor pergola, sitting at handpainted ceramic tables, which are the typical crafted furniture of the Neapolitan outdoors. 

060 Bosco de Medici Pompei coverjpg

Products that recall the winery style:
> Table with ceramic tabletop handpainted with fruit decoration
> Wrought iron impero chair @gaiaferroforgiato


It is unbelievable how this part of California looks like Tuscany! One of the roads that runs through the hills takes to Kuleto Estate, in St. Helena. 

05a Kuleto estate Californiajpg

We had the wine tasting in the outdoor space of the estate, making hay of the sunny days of that late October. The chairs had a simple but one of a kind design and, searching a bit online, I discovered a defintely curious story linked to the Adirondack chair. 

The history of the Adirondack chair begins in the Town of Westport, NY with the inventor of the Westport chair Thomas Lee. As the story goes, during one summer in Westport, Lee felt a desire to create a chair that could handle the rugged terrain of the Adirondacks. Soon after Lee finalized the design of his Westport chair, he met up with his hunting friend Harry Bunnell, who owned a carpentry shop in the town, and he gave him the chair's. Bunnell modified the design to make the chair a little narrower and patented his version in April 1904. 

The Westport chair grew in popularity because of its durability and high comfort level, but as the years passed, the design began to change into the modern Adirondack chair.

05b Kuleto estate Californiajpg

050 Kuleto estate California new coverjpg
Products that recall the winery style:
> Adirondack dining chair in color washed acacia wood @gdfstudio
> Early Westport chair by Harry Bunnel @1stdibs

Bolgheri LIVORNO

Behind the flourishing of Bolgheri wineyards there is a story of intuitions, land conversion and experimentation. Terre del Marchesato owned by Fuselli family believed in this revolution and they were definitely right. 

04a Terre del Marchesato Bolgherijpg

Regarding the furniture, I wanto to talk about the dining table under the gazebo. It is a magnificent handmade composition with ceramic floral tiles (azulejos) on a dark wooden window structure, everything covered with a clear glass top. We could admire it while waiting the tour to start, freshened up by the gentle breeze filtering through the garden. 

040 Terre del Marchesato Bolgheri coverjpg

Products that recall the winery style:
> Reclaimed dining room chair @reclaimrenew


Inglenhook estate is a journey not just into Coppola family but also in every Italian-American family and in the willpower to succeed. The Coppola family succeded in fact in many sectors, of course in the movie industry, but I can say they succeded also in the wines they produce here in Napa valley. 

03a Inglenhook Californiajpg

During the wine tasting my mind travelled in space and time thanks to tales of the sommelier, first about of wine production by Coppolas and then about their commitment in the hospitality industry, in California and in Basilicata as well.

030 Inglenhook California long coverjpg

Products that recall the winery style:
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Coccaglio BRESCIA

Just below Monte Orfano Castello Bonomi stands with its beauty, and it gives the name to the  winery. The liberty castle was planned at the end of the XIX century by the architect Antonio Tagliaferri, and that it is currently the private residence of the winery owners Paladin. 

02a Castello Bonomi Coccagliojpg

Talking about materials and colors, I can say that terracotta color is a love affair for wineries: floors, walls and other kind od decorations often want to keep a connection with the earth through the brown-red color taken from clay. A beautiful example of this connection is Castello Bonomi's wine rack made of clay pipes.

In a further research I figured out that the clay pipes were and still are a field drainage solution. While many artificial drainage systems have been invented in recent times, none come close to the performance, durability and other benefits of our 6000 year old technology. 

020 Castello Bonomi Coccaglio coverjpg

Products that recall the winery style:
> Natural vitrified field clay pipe produced by Marton Brick & Tile since 1858


Let's close this journery into the wineries design with Contadi Castaldi, starting point in our Franciacorta wine adventure. The architecture of the kiln, that was the previous use of winery before the conversion, is very clear and it absolutely gives personality to the current wine industry. 

01a Contadi Castaldi Adrojpgjpg

The interiors have a contemporary - elegant style, mixed to some historical details from the kiln and spiced up with a light countryside touch. I find the whole thing very American and very charming!

010 Contadi Castaldi Adro coverjpg

Products that recall the winery style:
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