My product design gallery

When pandemic arrived soon I got the chance to do many of the things locked for long time in the drawer. One of these was to review and refresh the many products designed till that time, and then design and develop new ones.

I have always considered the design of products as the expression of my thoughts meeting the requirements of specific briefs. Pretty normal you may say, but it is not. Although important, never the requirement of selling occupied the first place when I conceived a new object, and in this way I could focus on the characteristics that made products unique, avoiding the awkward situation to design things "similar" to others.  

I don't know yet if a style or a poetic can be found through my products, but this was the aim of the following interior sets, drawing the first steps of the path. To discover more of each product please click on the links below the sets and if you have any question or comment just text!

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01 Flo-s galleryjpg

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