Portraits of pandemic interiors

I would like to tell you the story of how oil painting recorded the interior scenes I was living during the pandemic. 


Imagine an Italian designer who has always worked on international projects and, for this reason, is a relentless traveler. Imagine that on January 2020 she returned in Milan from a working trip in China, moving afterwards on a new apartment just a month before Covid 19 would have hit Italy.

12_Painting shirtjpg

As good designer, she managed all the furniture to be installed on time for the entry, so that the new home was ready to be lived as soon as she moved in. But how it has been really lived? How changed the daily routine as quarantine forced us all to just stay home? 


15_New dayjpg

The magic of light coming every day from the window, the worth of a breakfast prepared and tasted without rush, the silent perspectives from each point towards every point: I would have taken too many things for granted, permitting the time managing my life and not the opposite, but this time I (luckily) couldn’t.


19_Myself paintingjpg

11_Living roomjpg

After 15 years I haven’t been used to paint, I took again oil colors, paintbrushes and blank canvases, and I started studying my own reality, my new reality. 


Reminding that time now, I feel like I have been living in one of those worlds painted by Edward Hopper or René Magritte.