Influenced by art history, hand drawing and painting Floriana's approach to design aims to give emotions to people, while her academic studies give pragmatism to her works. After the Scientific Lyceum she earned a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design at Florence University and a Master’s degree in Industrial Design at Milan Polytechnic.

The whole production runs between usefulness and cultural meanings, between what people can touch and what people can feel.

Specialized in creating and developing new concepts, from the beginning research to the installation, since 2010 Floriana has been global showroom designer / project manager for Cassina Interiors for 7 years. 

Since 2018 she has been advancing in her career offering services as experiential interior designer, furniture and showroom specialist and style curator to a wide range of international companies and privates (Italy, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China).

Floriana developed a passion for design cultural researches while studying her Master degree thesis. Because of the particular humanistic background of the Italian design history (as Magistretti said "we are architects who studied latin"), she proposes a new role for the designer: in the contemporary industry the designer can be not only the physical author of his products but also a cultural, strategic, analytic and critic professional to support all stages of the concept creative and development for the customized environments

“It may lead to an object, an environment or it can stay as a research. In all cases, the highest aim of my works, which is also my time, is eventually reaching people feelings. Feelings are the core business of every affair”

*** "Art, habit, ritual, craftmanship, industry, market", description of the italian design by Almerico de Angelis in "The italian way" -  2001.