Alike Art Factory

International studio specialized in graphic art applied to branding, in partnership with Alida Grimaldi based in London UK. We design art-inspired corporate images and interiors. We create memorable experiences through digital contents, printed artworks and real atmospheres.

Alida Grimaldi:
Graphic designer - Handlettering artist - Artworker
Floriana Pastore:  
Experiential interior designer - Brand style curator - Creative and Art direction

We use art to make your world memorable.


Our aim is supporting with tailored art-inspired designs companies, studios and other institutions in brand identity, catalogues, interior design & sets, exhibitions, social media visual projects, magazine visuals, and many other creative projects.
The decades experience in artistic, strategic and functional projects, for young as well as established companies, made us responsible expert messengers of innovation. We do it with method, passion and dedication because we believe that identity is in every detail and their care is the guarantee of enduring success.

Visual set design

For our social communication we created unique visual sets merging our expertises in art backgrounds, studied typewriting and fine products/furniture.

White residential

With so much design expertise and knowledge in art and fine furniture we could’t keep all this just for branding purposes (although we love it!). We are proud to announce that: ALIKE ART FACTORY GOES RESIDENTIAL!

La vie, ma vie en rose

This set is dedicated to “optimistic life”, “rose-colored life”, “La vie en rose”. Women's life, most of all, is a struggle pursuing their inner balance and bring harmony into body, mind and spirit. ⁣

Essence for Mist Saudi Arabia

The project for Mist Saudi Arabia challenged our senses to design a new experience with scents.
We studied a special artwork, calligraphy, diffuser and design set that drive customers into a romantic sensory experience.

Space Atmosphere

Furniture set with abstract painting.

Earth Atmosphere

Furniture set with abstract painting.

All lives matter Memory

We join the memory of George Floyd and the many killed, mocked, raped, abused due to racism.

Sunset Atmosphere

Furniture set with watercolor artwork.

River Atmosphere

Furniture set with watercolor artwork.

Bauhaus 100th Memory

Celebration for Bauhaus 100th anniversary.